'08 Valentine day air max 95 ,97 & AF1's

why u shaking your head? maybe you should tell us what to like then.

And now back to business
he is SMH cause the title is misleading...please put a question mark or something....
I'm in and i'm out...
^The title might be misleading but if you read my post could could clearly see that it was a question NTers always complains from the quality in sneakers to a little missing question mark SMH!
So what if it was misleading?
Did it hurt your feelings and make you cry? WAH WAH...

Or the finger was too fat, you couldn't type out. lol
It is harsh !
why is everybody mad heated in this thread? lets try to ease up
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richkid23 - just reading the title of your thread infers that you would be presenting information about those releases in here. i clicked on it with expectations that you were savvy enough to know how to make a post. i guess it's my fault for thinking that you were intelligent. my bad.
it really hurts my feeling when I enter a post expecting info when there isn't any :frown:

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you think you're intelligent

if that's a question, then you need the appropriate punctuation. if that's a statement, then it's false. i don't think i'm intelligent. i fall more into the category of sharp or maybe even keen. you, on the other hand, fall into the category of buffoon.
I came in here excited to see pics of the Valentine's shoes, but I'm glad the post turned the way it did cuz its way more interesting.
lock this one up, he failed.
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Kevin2nd- you can't even tell a statement from a question and you think of yourself as being sharp lmao!
you realize with the lack of punctuation in "you think you're intellegent" it can be interpreted as a question or a statement, right?

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