1 Ofs.... Methamphibiam

May 2, 2001
cleaning out the collection piles...figured you guys would like...

done circa ~2002...when he was still doing indiv. customs..

made from finishline red patent/white dunk los.

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Those are pimp but im not really feelin the red wit that camo. Still a hot pair of sneakers that no1 has.
those are pretty crazy. really nice.
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those are pretty mean.
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I wouldnt rock i dont like the color combo .. still nice to have though
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Although it would be nice to own a 1 of 1 old Meth custom, these look horrible considering who did them. That camo looks like your average modern day sneaker customizer's attempt.
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looks pretty nice, but i rather have the white/red patent untouched
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I still remember these.......looks incredibly bad compared to when they were first posted.

BTW, Dirty.......use your power to have all Nike Retro customs able to be posted in Nike Retro.......please.
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Not my style... Nice pics though
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pretty nice customs, dirty.....not real over the top and just simple & clean.

the red/wht patent lows were Footaction exclusives not Finishlines tho. they had the unc/wht lows too.
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I remember when I asked him to do a pair of the Undefeated Lakers colorway, but only in green instead of purple, and he told me it'd just "cost too much" haha. I can't imagine what that pair cost. Nice work though.
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Gotta start from some where and those aint that bad.
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