12am Valentines day and I kicked her out..GOODBYE on PG10

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Jan 3, 2011
7 year relationship and a child.

Reading txt messages for the past week. She cheats on me with a loser without a future. Txt message convos full of simpery.... I was too focus on school and my self so I didn't have time to act like the bish she had sex with. One time... thats one too many times for me.

woke her up at 12:00am with a surprise.... "Baby come to the living room its Valentines day!! I got something for you"

her "OMG what is it"
me "Its your things!... pack all your **** and get out of my house"
her "Im sorrrryyyyyy"
me "Maybe dude will feed you and take care of you like I did...
her *crying

Oh well fellas.... It is the beginning of a new chapter. Not sure if mad, sad, happy.... got a test tomorrow.

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damn bruh , good luck moving forward

but shouldnt have made a skeptical of it because 

she gonna use the kid to get back at you , its the go to

move for broads nowadays
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It's really sad that now adays a guy can't even legitimately get on his grind and bust his *** to better his family's situation without worrying about his woman stepping out on him. I feel for you OP, I genuinely do.

Yet another tale of how people ain't ****. :smh:
kid is younger then the relationship.... I don't know honestly.

too many things to juggle when your stuck grinding trying to make life better for the "family" I was trying to build. Ill figure it out like most situations Ive been faced with in life.

Better to let her go than she go out there catch something and bring it home to you.
Don't show her any sort of emotion

Just trust me

And always remember that the kid comes first in whatever you do
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Big balls move. Don't think people should stay in ****** up relationships cause of kids. Be there for your child.

Be ready to pay child support unless you fight for custody.
then what Valentines gift was I going to give the ho?

i understand the logic.. i just couldn't go along the whole week dealing with things the way they were.. if i'm gonna take that step.. i'd do it asap.

but damn that's terrible man.. stay up.
you two will work it out
dont ever take that bish back. once a cheater, always a cheater. trust me.

you did good. The best revenge is to do well for yourself and show her you're living a great life without her, while providing the best care for your child. Good job bro!
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