1st verse on X.O.- City #!!@ Appreciation vol. Uptown's Finest

Joined Jun 15, 2008
I'm coming, haters can hear me steppin'
+*#*+ wetter than Marion Barry SWEATIN'

I luh women, but I just had a wedding..
I married Uptown finally, proud to rep it
I got what I got from old heads and I kept it
That way like a logo on the lexus
God'll give you a test, put you in check if
You own play your role in the movie won't be in the credits
Ima have a leading role they make a movie bout DC
Low and behold souls unfolding after I do me
N's better rep the right way, death talks
Aint no tellin', what he might say
So Ima keep it real til Im in my grave
Kicking that sh_ like Kill Bill wit a lit jay
In my hand, n's ran they mouf bout my home but got chased outta my home
Real n's live on and I wrote this song because

I mean got damn...cuz AINT playing...
Perfect example of a great verse, not a line..
I'm Soufside forever but UPT got a star in XO..get hip fools..
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