2/21 CDP on Finishline major sale

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Champs had a 8/15 for only 120? Wow. CDP prices really dropping now.
Actually, they're 149.99, but I know someone that works there. I just threw him the gwop, and he copped them for me, for the 120.
damn thats a good deal. i copped both the 3/20 and 5/18 for 200 each from footlocker at the begining of may and they let me put them on layway. they had the8/15 and 22/1 but not my size.
eastbay still got fsr for $200 but i think it will still go down cause its not really selling
look for it to go down to about the $150 price range soon
idk why people dont just use the money on a good quality jordan instead of buying the crap quality packs
i whent to a local footlocker and i saw 8/15 pack i asked the guy how much he said 310.00 i cracked up i told him there crazy
This pack was a lot better than some of the others (quality aside). These are the dangers of waiting for price drops. They never seem to have your size.
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