2002 BMW 540I VS 2003 BMW 330Ci vs 2003 Range Rover HSE...What to buy?

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Sister is looking to upgrade her car. These are her options, what do yall suggest? I know Range's are not the most reliable, but I love that look. And bothBimmer's are classy...any owners?
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330ci...you dont need the V8 bimmer or the SUV gas prices are on the rise again.
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Looked into the 540i recently...reliable but most of the usual problems with it are expensive...330ci not too familiar with it but heard nothing but positivesfrom that gen and you can expect the usual BMW cost to fix little nuances in the car...03 Range Rover old body style and works best with/as a second car andthey're updating the body style again so its 2-generations old...wanted one hell still want one but know I can't until I can afford it as/with aanother car...
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330 was my first car, I loved it.

330ci can look sooo clean with just a few mods, get that. 540i was a nice whip but it's very dated now.

Range Rover = what I drive now and I hate it. No fun at all.
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Originally Posted by BgL2687

330ci...you dont need the V8 bimmer or the SUV gas prices are on the rise again.
truth, but i dont see her driving a stick and 330ci is manual or nohting for me.

at OP tho. Him again...
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Originally Posted by JKickz1334

Why do you hate the Range? I drive a lot of them at work and they seem sooo smooth. Than again the BMW's are just as fun.

The BMW she wants, or 540I is right here - M Sport Package, SS Exhaust, etc.


I like sports cars, it is a nice SUV though for those who like bigger cars.

But Ranges are so unreliable, an 03 will be super high-mileage and will be a huge headache when it comes to maintenance. Stick with the BMWs.
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Yeah the 2004 Range she's lookin at has 89,000 miles.....eh...only 15,000 bucks though, clean looking car.
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Dont buy a used BMW unless it still has warranty on it and /or you have extra cash for service...
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Originally Posted by Kn0wledgeable

whatever you do dont get the range

my brother had a Range and it just gave him trouble. His was under warranty. He told me one day "Jay, when this ^&%(& warranty is up...I am out ofthis crap." I used some lighter words for NT purposes. He bought an Infiniti Q56 and loves it.
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if the 330 is a coupe, then yes

otherwise, by it anyways

i have a '05 trust me.....e46 FTW


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Originally Posted by chris boshs neck

get a g35 and save yourself the trouble and headaches
QFT But if its only between those three, 2003 330ci > 2003 Range Rover HSE (which would be 1st if it wasnt for gas) > 2003 540i
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