2006 World Pool Championship Manila


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Feb 3, 2002
Watched the live telecast earlier on ESPN.

Bata escaped with a victory and is now 1-1.

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^great! thanks for the update..good thing for him he won that game..last night i saw it on TV...namintis siya sa 9 ball..
those guys are good, no doubt, but to me, pool ranks just above bowling (but wayyyyy above golf and poker) as "why would you watch? i'd rather play.."

the guys at my gym have been monopolizing the TVs (even when there was an exciting Suns-Mavs game on.. >:
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Langya tong si Anthony Suntay, pinaiyak si Suoquet. hehe


sapatos yan, hindi trophy
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"why would you watch, i'd rather play?" you watch pool when sometimes you cant play and also because you learn the game by watching people who are good at it....just like that suns game.
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