2016 breds

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  1. 161E9533-DE98-4F80-B41F-1E542B213794.jpeg 5E42C833-3B42-4504-8526-D37B0B01B7E6.jpeg 161E9533-DE98-4F80-B41F-1E542B213794.jpeg 77BACA99-E91D-4759-8F59-3F8841C451E9.jpeg E67FB619-FAC2-450C-8197-5EC39AA38744.jpeg 9907A269-E73E-4826-B5D1-71B255C8CB76.jpeg 510A1C64-8126-4702-8169-DB42D1B5D041.jpeg C8BA1493-2988-4DC8-AB5C-B4BD32D740F8.jpeg A4D2320B-E44C-478D-9109-8D09157DA18E.jpeg 124E73EB-21D2-42F5-953E-F8A04FEA8366.jpeg 36023BCD-0185-4A93-9B25-9618A494CF95.jpeg Hey guys I have a question I bought my 2016 banned 1s from stock x the seller provided me a Nike receipt but when I look at the sz tag the dates were different and the code next to the upc are different codes start the same end different also one is a Chicago red and one a more blood red wore these so much to rain snow so idk and my wings logo feel different on both shoes and feel less textured then my 2017 royals
  2. destin 7792

    destin 7792

    Jul 12, 2016
    The dates can be different. The reason they are different is due to there are different production runs before the release date. And from what I've heard from others on here their banned 1's had slightly different feels and colors from one another. And the fact that they came threw Stock X should tell you these are indeed legit because if they weren't Stock X wouldn't've shipped them to you.
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