2016 NISSAN Maxima

Joined Feb 6, 2010
Waiting for specs to drop loving my 7th gen , I hope they actually support more mod options going forward
Joined Dec 27, 2009
The resemblance is pretty startling to the Mazda 6 I certainly agree to that.

But.........................I love my 7th gen. Not mine in this photo but owners have been masterful at modding it over the years! Anybody here a member on maxima.org?
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Joined Dec 13, 2004
Personally, i don't mind it. I was never a big fan of mid-size to full-size sedans and I was never really a fan of the old ones either so to me it's an ok updated look. Nissan has pretty much made that front fascia their new standard look and it seems to be accepted the same way the Lexus' spindle grill by the public, either hate it or love it.

I think it will sell well though and people will get used to the new front sooner or later.
Joined Dec 27, 2009
Yea, that seems to be the target concept they'll push from here on out. And I agree, it'll sell well regardless. I love my 7th gen and I may be in the minority but, I'll prefer it over the 8th.
Joined May 12, 2011
I saw it at the NYAS and like it. It will def grow on people and I expect it to be a hit
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