2020 NIKE SB DUNK THREAD_____GRs and QSs added

Joined Jul 18, 2016
I know they'll retort with "factory defect," but I don't understand why they would accept a model with scuffs of this size. Unbelievable. Worst marks I've ever received from a shipment from a consignment shop.
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SPoT has had the blue one's for about 3 weeks. Only small sizes left. They do, however, have a good selection of black gum.

Everyone has said that these are too narrow though...
I really want that boring pair of black/white/gum but have not seen a size 13 yet.
Joined Jul 18, 2016
Personally I wouldn't be bothered, but I understand why u are. Just email them & u could get a like $60 promo code. Something similar w/ my Cactus Jack AF1's.
Yeah, I emailed them. That's always the issue buying shoes like this. A decent amount of these resellers are throwing their worst pairs up here and StockX is just like "well, he didn't wear them outside, so THESE ARE GOOD TO GO." Insane.


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Any info on this pair? They are really nice never seen them before

searched “mulberry“ like it says but nothing comes up
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if it was at retail, then whatever i wouldnt be bothered.

But paying the resell??

Nah **** that id be pissed
I get it, but I’m the same person that stepped in mud while wearing my unc ow’s on purpose just to mess ppl were overvaluing their shoes.

That defect would probably make me wear them more & sooner since they’re already messed up. I do understand the gripe though.
Joined Nov 22, 2013
Yeah paying resell for a crappy pair sucks, but that’s the dice you throw. I got a somewhat crappy pair of ts1 but qc was all over the place on those. Seems like there’s a misconception that Nike pays closer attention to the super limited pairs but nah they don’t. They let almost anything slide. It’s really Nike that sucks.
Joined Jun 21, 2015
You had sold My Supreme Bialetti I never used and they sent it back over a little chip, sold it again a couple days later and they accepted it. I guess it depends on who authenticates it.
I'm tempted to try and send them off again, but I don't wanna risk having them send it back to me again and make me pay for it :emoji_confounded: .
I felt so stupid paying them to not sell my sneakers :lol:
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