2023 NT NFL Mock Draft

Detroit Lions are now on the clock g-time g-time

Bengals are offering their 60th and 131st pick for the Lions #55 :nerd:

Pick 56
With the 56th pick, the Jacksonville Jaguars select:

Luke Schoonmaker, TE, Michigan


The Jaguars pick up a versatile TE who can block well in the run game and make plays as a pass catching TE.

- Gets off the ball and into his routes with adequate quickness.
- Fluid feet to get in and out of route breaks.
- Sinks into soft spots of zone, allowing spacing from defenders.
- Able to drop and dig out the low throws.
- Displays the fortitude necessary for NFL run blocking.
- Generates lift from hip explosion into contact.
- Keeps a wide base into and through his sustain blocks.
- Impressive feel for hand resets as base blocker.

- Fails to impose his size on smaller defenders in coverage.
- Waits on the throw rather than reaching to attack it.
- Low rate of success when catching in a crowd.
- Only able to take what is given after the catch.
- Below average radar and adjustments as lead blocker.
- Needs to add additional play strength.
Pick 57
With the 56th pick, the New York Football Giants select..

Cedric Tillman - WR, Tennessee

  • Comes from NFL bloodlines.
  • Plays the game with desired physicality.
  • Posted 17 catches for 352 yards and two TDs in UT’s games against Alabama and Georgia in 2021.
  • Proven toughness over the last two years.
  • Unfazed catching in traffic.
  • Wide catch radius paired with strong hands.
  • Plays deep throws with focus, body control and A+ ball skills.
  • Adjusts his pacing and positioning for optimal catch success.
  • Drags cornerbacks for extra yardage after the catch.
  • Lacks sudden takeoff to consistently elude physical corners.
  • Looked a step slower even before ankle injury in 2022.
  • Needs to fight off coverage at the top of the route.
  • Doesn’t possess clear second gear to run under deep throws.
  • Must prove he can make it back to 2021 form.
  • Doesn’t always snap off breaks with decisive burst.
Pick 59
With the 59th pick of the NT NFL Draft… the Buffalo Bills select …

Trenton Simpson, LB, Clemson

After losing Tremaine Edmunds in free agency, the Bills have a need at linebacker.


Simpson is a tall, twitched-up, off-ball linebacker. He is excellent in man coverage. He has the speed and agility to mirror tight ends all over the field. He isn’t as reliable when dropping into zone coverage; he is late to react, but his speed helps cover it up most of the time. He is an excellent blitzer and closes in a hurry. Also, Simpson is effective when spying the quarterback. Once he decides to go, he’s a blur. Against the run, he’s at his best when he can see from outside the box. He will get lost in the trash inside the box on occasion. Overall, I wish Simpson was a little more instinctive inside, but his speed and athleticism should translate well to the next level.
Pick 60
With the 60th pick of the NT NFL Draft, the Cincinnati Bengals select…

Tyrique Stevensons, CB, Miami

Big cornerback with the size and play strength to help match up with bigger receivers in the league. Stevenson is patient but physical in press-man and has good recovery speed when he falls behind. He struggles as a pattern matcher in off-man and had issues with busts in zone, so he might be scheme-dependent. Stevenson is talented when attacking the catch point and has the ball skills to make plays on 50/50 throws. He needs to become more consistent in run support but has the physical attributes to become a starter in a press-man scheme.

  • Height-weight-speed prospect with explosive athletic traits.
  • Play strength to press and slow release.
  • Adequate footwork to stay in phase with the route.
  • Springy leaper with high-point talent.
  • Hunts for the hands to break up catch tries.
  • Can recover and close with above average acceleration.
  • Below average transitions with route breaks from off-man.
  • Overextends and loses balance when opening to chase.
  • Fails to recognize plays developing around him.
  • Multiple busts in zone coverages.
  • Exploited by North Carolina on three long completions.
  • Takes inconsistent angles in run support.
Previous pick: Darnell Washington (TE)
Pick 61
With the 61st pick of the NT NFL Draft, the Chicago Bears select…

BJ Ojulari, Edge, LSU

Ojulari is bendy as an edge rusher and will wreak substantially more pocket havoc once he builds a more complete rush plan. He plays contain as a run defender and has the pursuit speed to spill the run wide or make tackles in space, but needs to play with consistent effort on all run snaps. B.J. Ojulari possesses all the tools necessary to start for an NFL team once he adds a bit more polish to his game.

  • Brother, Azeez, was a second-round pick of the New York Giants in 2021.
  • Threatening get-off up the field.
  • Feet are coordinated and sudden on inside move.
  • Keeps feet charging forward through punch contact.
  • Uses ghost move (showing stab-move action before slipping inside arm away and dipping underneath) to defeat outside hand during rush.
  • Can dip the edge and flatten to the quarterback.
  • Strong secondary effort accompanies his counters.
  • Beats tackles and tight ends to contain positioning.
  • Stride and burst for pursuit success.
  • Needs to play with better toughness against the run.
  • Below average play strength for gap disruption.
  • Allows himself to be blocked too often.
  • Is a watcher when the ball isn’t coming his way.
  • Needs to keep pad level lower on inside move.
  • Hands a little lacking in activity and accuracy in his rush.
  • Just two sacks over his final eight games.
Pick 63
And with the Last pick of the NT NFL Mock Draft, and the pick for Mr. NT Irrelevant, the DEFENDING CHAMPION Kansas City Chiefs select...


Tyler Scott, WR, Cincinnati

With the Chiefs losing some depth at the WR position with departures, Scott will had some depth and value and another target for Mahomes to operate with on the field. With Tyler's explosiveness and separation ability Andy Reid will have plenty of ways to utilize his skillset within the Chiefs offense.

  • Separation Skills
  • Explosiveness
  • Good ball adjustment
  • on the smaller side frame wise
  • Has had drop issues in the past
  • Needs to get strength up
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