21 changes? LMAO i didn't see !@%$

Joined Sep 21, 2008
i peeped the bear the dead man vest the roller in the dude had and the rain cost and the flowers and the clock missing and the paintin on the wall changing from jump
Joined Mar 19, 2006
i saw this before. There's another one when there's 10 people, 5 wearing black and 5 wearing white. They all toss two basketballs and then there isthis bear in the background

EDIT- dude posted it above my post
Joined Sep 20, 2008
I really don't understand how this is about cyclists.

But whether it is or not, it still makes a good point: you miss out on a lot when you're not looking for it. Think about it--there could be a girl thatyou've crossed paths with that could've been the girl of your dreams, but you missed out on her because you weren't looking.

Nah, I'm kidding; I don't believe that crap.
Joined Jul 19, 2005
i noticed none.....and the first time i saw that bear one i didnt notice a damn thing hahahaha
Joined Nov 1, 2006
lol on the first one i didnt catch up on anything...but i noticed the bear the first time thru...
and i dont get how this is for cyclist's...but i guess we will know when we hit one lol

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