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Joined Feb 6, 2007
Let's hold off on the best of all time script, but it was a fantastic movie.

Watts was awesome.

And the scene with Del Toro in prison talkin to the pastor was

The begginning was too cluttered with all the back and forth stuff as far as the timing goes. While that may be clever and all, it chops up the story too muchthat you could lose people who don't get it right away.
Joined Apr 4, 2009
Hell yea, I watched it for the first time like 2 months ago and have watched it 4 times since

I recommend that any1 who hasn't seen it should go see it.

But yea i dunno bout best script ever, ur just hyped right now, i feel ya though
Joined Nov 17, 2003
Never heard of it. Was it a straight to DVD release? When was it first released? IMDB?
Joined Feb 9, 2009
Nah the lighting, the camera angles, it felt raw and personal.

And it was released in 04. Won 1 grammy for sean penn
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