$29.99 Shy Pink/ Gray Vs $100 FIRE RED Vs in Orlando FSR

Aug 31, 2004
not sure if this was posted or if its in the right section. if not move it. if u know about it good for you and keep moving.

but for those interested the number is 407-239-3663

its the nike outlet in orlando

dude told me this morning they had a fsr. i ordered a 10.5 and 6.5 my boy order a 13 and a 6.5

shipping is 8 bucks

shipping to puerto rico, hawaii or alaska is a additional 10

just another heads up they got fire red v's for 100 bucks also

i posted it in jordan forum but it got locked for not being in the right area. but a few people said they called and no more fire reds. dunno tho just a heads up

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Either you're lying or they're lying...

They said they never got 'em, and they're waiting on them to come in.

September 30, 2006:

The day I only began to realize how stupid this is...
^^^ same thing they told me about the fire red's

i did get the shy pink's from another store for the same price
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