2Chi Mid by And1 (pics) - Info added...on 7/2/2003

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I started a new thread because I wanted to let everyone know that this thread has actual pictures of the shoe...

Here ya go...


Release Date: January 2004

Price: $80

Colors: White/Royal, White/Varsity Red, White/Navy, Black/Black, Forest/Gold (all patent) plus SMU colorways.

The shoe is an evolution of the original Tai Chi...



There will also be a low version of the shoe that will follow in the Spring/Summer of 2004...

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Quote:[hr][/hr]Ohhh I like it alot. Id like to see the suede version. Thanks very much for the pics. [hr][/hr]
You're welcome...

And...there will be suede versions...they will be included in the SMU's...they are really nice as well...

Maybe I can get some pictures of those as well in the next week or so...

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^Wow 3 people posting at the same time.

One nice touch about the shoe was the ability to the hide the midsole that houses the Harmonix unit. I thought it was impossible to do something like that. Well not impossible but something that would be very tough to do.


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Those aren't really what I was expecting at all.......honestly they look nothing like the first tai chi's. I really think there should be a midsole on those, and the grip doesn't look all that good compared to shoes like the "desire", which were great. Also, do you have a pic of the medial side of the shoe, cause that was the part of the originals that I loved so much. Overall, a nice looking shoe with a different design, but looks nothing like the tai chi, employs none of the same properties as the new version has harmonix, patent leather, no midsole and the old had mostly leather or suede, nice midsole design, and the ever eye-catching half-half laces (which I really liked).....these two look nothing alike.
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dam nice.....i can see myself in these...... :smile:

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Thanks for the pics, the shoes are butt-ugly!! And Harmonix is the worst kind of cushioning!! They look like cheap versions of the Jordan Brand Moss shoes.
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Here is the thing about not looking like the original Tai Chi...

Basically you saw what people had said about the TMac2...they look TOO similar to the TMac1...(not that they care about that specific shoe, but, they were trying to evolve the design, ya know?)

So, they wanted to take the 1/2 and 1/2 color concept (which has been done A LOT ie, the Desire, Tai Chi, Holistic Uptempo) and basically have it flow around the shoe...(I wish I could get the conceptual drawings, they show this idea better). Anyway...if you rotate the shoe around in your hand you can see this...

The leather/suede versions will be released too, mainly as SMU's for stores, and also, I agree with you, the half/half laces would connect it more to the original and would also look nice... :smile:

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Thanks for the pics. Not really feelin' them, but the yin-yang bball symbol is a nice touch. I like the first ones better though.
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i like the look of them

i agree that the yin yang/ basket ball symbol is very creative.
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thx for the pics JM!

eehhhhhh... not feeling these tho. but maybe i just need to check em out in person.

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reminds me alot of the flightposite kg in white/royal fade. look at it from the profile pics.
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These make me go :wow:
but... I was hoping it would look like the first ones, except with increased performance :frown:

Overall... its :smile:

Thanks for the pics tho.
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^^^ Thanks

As for the shoe below...

Chosen One - NBA players will wear this shoe...as well as The Rise
Price: $90

Retail intro: 10/03 - 11/03

Colors: Blk/Gold, Wht/Nvy/Silv, Wht/Red/Silv, Wht/Roy/Silv & Blk/Blk/Red

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