2K4, Zoom BB and ZK2 compared to 2K3 length-wise?

Dec 8, 1999
I'm currently looking into alternatives to my current favorite, the 2K3, which fit me perfectly length- and narrow-wise, even though the first few lace loops almost touch themselves when I tie the shoe. Good thing is that the 2K3 doesn't look stupid when tied down so narrowly...

Low-to-the-ground and light is just as important. I've narrowed it down to the 2K4, the Zoom BB and the Zoom Kobe 2.

What I need to know:

1) How is the sizing length-wise compared to the 2K3? I'm wearing a 13 in those (and a 13 in the FP1, and 13.5-14 in most Jordans).

2) Are they as narrow as the 2K3? I need a perfect lockdown for me narrow feet.

3) Lightness and low-to-the-ground compared to the 2K3?

4) Does the toe area look "stupid" (stands up etc.) when the shoe is tied down severly? From the pictures, this seems to be the case with the ZK2.

Sorry, I can't try on any of those over here...my city either doesn't carry them or at least not in size 13. Switzerland, yay.

Thanks for any advice, also for any other alternatives!

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Out of your choices, I'd go with the BB or Kobe II if you want similar cushioning. But the 2K4 is also a great performer, it just has firmer zoom air, to me anyway.

I wear 10 in BB's (I've only tried them on) and Kobe II's. I have a 9.5 and 10 in 2K3's and I'm good either way, but lean towards the 9.5 for that speed feeling. And I definitely need a 9.5 in 2K4's, they just run bigger length wise.

It's tricky because the 2K3 is a very unique shoe, it's hard to imitate the feeling it provides.

You can get great fit with the 2K4 and Kobe II's, not too sure about the BB's. The 2K4 is one of the best fitting shoes if you get the right size for yourself. It's also very lightweight and has better court feel than the 2K3.

But in the end, I'd go with the Kobe II or even the Kobe I if you can find it. The main reason is the cushioning, the 2K3 is soft and responsive, but the 2K4 is firm. It's enough to make a difference if you have a certain preference. Kobe I and II have what feels like a softer implementation of the Zoom, and you can get great fit and court feel on any of the shoes.
i wear a 9.5 in both the 2K4 and 2K3 and a 10 for the Zoom BB and ZK2.

if you want softer zoom air cushioning go with the Zoom BB.

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