3 Reebok PUMP Original Prototypes

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Source: CounterKicks.com

CounterKicks Spotlight: Counter Kicks Visits Reebok Headquarters

Recently, Counter Kicks had the privilege of visiting Reebok Headquarters in Canton, MA and met with Paul Litchfield, Reebok Vice President of Advanced Concepts and Reebok Pump creator. A phenomenal meeting, Mr. Litchfield personally gave Counter Kicks a behind-the-scenes look at some old-school samples and new-school developments (all very hush-hush for the moment, of course).

Today, we bring you a select handful of photos from our visit, including 3 never-before-seen original Reebok Pump prototypes.

Many thanks to Paul Litchfield, Darcy McQuiggan, Jenny Shanley, Jessie Carney, as well as all of the many gracious developers and designers at Reebok. Continue reading for the original Reebok Pump prototype photos.

Joined Oct 13, 2000
Nice stuff, very cool. Just picked up a pair of Furys of ebay, OGs, size 8 so not near what I wear, but for display purposes only.
Joined Apr 4, 2003
You know those might be ready for a release, I would have to see some more detailed pics but they look very wearable
Joined Jun 9, 2003
^^^Tre in person they are sick. And definitely wearable. When I first saw them I told them that this shoe would have been a sick release for the 20th anniversary. Here is the yellow colorway I saw.
Joined Jul 6, 2008
Thanks for posting -these look cool, although having no pump ball on the tongue looks a bit wierd.

What type of bladder system did they have, heel & tongue? ...
Joined Jun 9, 2003
^^^Steez I shot those out at Bread & Butter in Germany, they flew me out there as a guest. If you guys want ill post pics of the Pump Bubble display there that had a bunch of original pumps, and all my shoes. It was a sweet setup.

If I remember correctly I believe The bladder system in these actually went around the whole entire foot from heal to toe.
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