4:20 Friday...

Sep 29, 2006
Well its that time of the year again... whats good in your sac? It shouldl be bigger for me this year since im in Vancouver for 4 20.

Whos reaching the weed march in TDot? Van City got anything similar?

Anyways 4 20 Friday make it good cause you never know it might be your last.


yeah yeah my dude went to Van a couple weeks back and sent me a care package! I call it the neck breaker cuz I could never hold my head up after I blaze it!?!

prefer that dirt cess anyway...
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last exam tomorrow, so friday will be a joyous day

you already know...
Team Saugaour streets is clean
well last year weed march was may 5th... never understood that but its always an eventful event.

queens park and downtown is full of wonderful smells of different indicas and sativas.
wont be doin much on friday :frown: , my last final aint til the 24th

but will probably hit up the weed march
Atlantic Division Champs CHCHCHEAAAAAAAAAA !
the weather is looking good for 4/20

"my state of mind is purple"
Team Saugaour streets is clean
how was every1s 4/20? personally i didnt toke, im quitting kinda
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