80's gucci sneaker

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not sure if this is appropriate for this forum, but if there are any gucci heads on here, im looking for a pic of the mid 80's gucci sneaker, those that were copied by the sean carters reeboks....looked online and cant find em anywhere!!!!!!! help me pls
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Here's a pic of it's re-release version. It is suppose to come out sometime this year.
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I've got a few OG pairs.. it was definitely THE shoe to have in Philly/South Jersey in the late 80's, early 90's.
There were 3 colors of the leather mids - white, red, green.. alot of people got them dyed and even threw a Vibram ripple sole on 'em.

There was only one color of the canvas/leather pair, and that was the classic white (as shown).. came with red/green laces.

Retail on the lows, was $110 (Gucci store in Atlantic City)

Retail on the mids, was initially $175, but went up to $210, which was a real whopper back then, trust me.
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For those interested there's a link to the Gucci site (in previous post). Price tag whooping 285 EUR o)

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