__--importing cars to Canada and Restoration Questions--__

Dec 2, 2003
Lookin to import Grandpops 57 Chevy from South America. Anyone done anything similar or know any info on importing pricing and methods? customs, shipping, etc....

Restoration wise, body is in almost mint, no rust, just needs a fresh paint job. Its running good but I'm sure its got a lot of Ks on it, might need to restore engine and int. anyone know around how much that'll run?

Its a black 4 door like these...


Just send it in to West Coast or send a tape to Pimp My Ride. LOL. Just playing, let me speak to my pops he's got a 60s maybe even 70s (not really a car enthusiast) Thunderbird sitting in Cali that he might bring up to TO. Don't know if he's looked into it already... but I'll get back to this if I have any more relative information.
Looking for: 8-8.5 De La Lows , 8.5-9 PL/non Purple Avengers & 8-8.5 Jordan XVI

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expect tp pay 8% of the cars value when it reaaches the cdn brder
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A 40-year-old car with no rust? They dont make 'em like they used to.

BTW, that car looks like the Batmobile :pimp:
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