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Begins at 0.55 seconds. Can't embed the video since it's disabled

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The show is cool too. Sucks that it was canceled. Otherwise, the dialogue was hilarious.
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She's real cute. Most people probably would complain that she doesn't have enough chest or backside, but it's not like she's sporting negative mass or anything. Two thumbs up.
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Aint even gonna front. That first year of Veronica Mars was like ayo. Cept Amanda Seyfried >>>>>
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'Veronica Mars' creator, actress Kristen Bell launch Kickstarter campaign to fund movie
Would revisit detective made famous in the cult hit television series that ran from 2004 through 2007

Kristen Bell and the rest of the 'Veronica Mars' cast want to revisit Neptune for a feature film.
The mystery of what’s been happening with Veronica Mars may finally be solved.

“Veronica Mars” creator Robb Thomas and star Kristen Bell have officially launched a Kickstarter campaign Wednesday to raise money for a feature film based on the cult favorite 2004-2007 television series, Entertainment Weekly reported.

“I have never fallen so deeply in love with a character,” Bell told the magazine. “We all became so close, and the cancellation of the show left a huge hole in my heart. I would have put on Veronica Mars: The Circus to bring it back.”

Fans, though, will have to jump through hoops to make it happen. Thomas says they need to raise $2 million in 30 days to start filming in the summer.

A Kickstarter campaign has been launched to raise money for the potential film.
Warner Brothers has agreed to kick in the rest needed for the production, distribution and marketing with an eye towards an early 2014 release.

That’s assuming, of course, Thomas & Co. reach their goal.

"Life has taken Veronica away from Neptune," Thomas wrote on the Kickstarter page, which has already notched $1.2 million.

“In the years since spoiling Keith's chances to be reelected sheriff, Veronica hasn't taken a case. But something big is about to bring her back home and back to her calling. My goal is to include as many of your favorite characters as possible. It is, after all, time for Veronica’s 10-year high school reunion. Keep in mind that the more money we raise, the cooler movie we can make.

'I have never fallen so deeply in love with a character,' Bell told Entertainment Weekly.
To help prime the pump, Thomas and the cast filmed a hilarious five minute video last year in Bell’s home and posted it on the project’s Kickstarter page.

“What’s the latest with the movie,” asks actor Ryan Hansen.

“I don’t know. Do you have a couple of million dollars?” answers Bell.

“What, hey I’m not the one with the ‘When in Rome’ f--- you money,” Hansen answers, alluding to his former co-star's high-profile 2010 romantic comedy.

“Veronica Mars,” about a teen Nancy Drew-like detective investigating the murder of her best friend and the mysteries surrounding her corrupt town of Neptune, Calif., ran on UPN for two seasons and then on CW for its final season. Though never a ratings hit, the series was critically well received and launched Bell’s career.

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All I need is a pretty face. Don't care of she's got no boobs or butt. This girl is flat out cute
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