A little late but can someone review Air Max 360 BBall?

Jul 5, 2002
These things tempt me every time I go to the Nike Outlet...




Thanks in advance
EXCUSE ME.....Are you saying something?​
this is how they were for me

Cushioning: second to none. they were very soft on your legs yet held up at the same time. i swore i was gonna hurt myself in these because i couldnt really feel the ground when i landed in them.

Ankle Support: the ankle support was great on them. if you lace the shoes all the way up as they were intended to be laced up the strap on them does nothing. i never got hurt in them. multiple times i landed on someones foot in a position that would have sprained my ankle in many other shoes.

Weight: these are very light for a force shoe, but only because there is no foam in the midsole. everything else about this shoe screams force besides the weight.

Sizing: this is the reason im not playing in these shoes today. they run small, so i would try 1/2 to 1 size bigger than you normally wear. i played in them and my toes were killing me because after the swelling from playing the shoes went from tight to undoable.

overall, those are solid shoes to play in but make sure you try on a few different sizes to see which one fits you the best. i hope this helps.
Thanks. I've had my eyes on them for a while.....since they are a big man shoe I think I'm gonna give the blk/blue colorway a test run since their only $50 at the outlets

Edit: Copped :pimp:
EXCUSE ME.....Are you saying something?​
anyone else have review? how does the 360 feel compared to regular full length air in terms of cushioning and responsiveness?
the 360 is more responsive than most full length air or max air units. its alot softer than air and max air units and has alot of bounce to it. it kinda feels like the lebron ivs do in terms of the bounce and responsiveness of the midsole
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