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Joined Sep 16, 2005
I was a FF homer ever since the beginning of FF. I mainly used Adblock, FlashBlock and Tab Mix Plus. 

But until recently, I tried using Chrome and I found that FF compared to Chrome, uses about 3x more memory and doesn't release that memory when extra tabs are closed. 

But Tab Mix Plus was just too essential to my everyday web/porn surfing. 

Until I discovered Bettertouchtools. ([URL]http://blog.boastr.net/[/url]

It takes advantage of the MBP's multitouch gestures so you can customize basically any command with any gestures. You'll never have to leave the touchpad ever again to switch tabs, close tabs, undo tabs and open new tabs. Basically, Bettertouchtools IS Tab Mix Plus on steroids for not just web browsing but for other things for your Mac like adjusting volume and Window 7 snapping without leaving the touchpad

My set-up:

This nifty little piece of software finally enabled me to leave FF behind and use a less resource hogging browser such as Chrome while retaining TMP. It also allows me to navigate my Mac more efficiently and quicker. As you can see, you can customize just about any shortcut command to a gesture to your liking.

I suggest switching over to Chrome and utilizing Bettertouchtools if you are on a Mac.
Oh and Adblock and Flashblock IS available for Chrome now. 
Joined May 1, 2006
i like Chrome a lot better than FF, but they need to hurry up and fix the bugs. Half the time my copy/paste doesnt work. Ill select the text, copy it and then go to paste it...nothing. Or it'll paste the last thing i copied. It's so annoying. Also sometimes flash video or pictures dont load and i gotta restart the page to make them appear. I'll try this out though
Joined Nov 20, 2003
Getting sick of Google, I'll stick with Firefox. May be a resource hog but hey with most newer Macs you can multi-task no problem, especially with Snow Lep...
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