A Weekend in South Beach-How to party like the locals?

Feb 17, 2004
Alright, There's some things I know about South Beach, but ALOT I don't know. I'll be touching down Firday, August 25th. I'll be there about 1:30pm. Already looking to get tore down at Wet Willies ASAP.

Give me some good things to do: What nights to go where/great resturants(besides going to the Clevelander, etc)/Jet ski spots/Skrippa spots/Lil Havana/Etc...........

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i like that avy w/ the MD flag and all. it always looked so unusual to me. :nerd:

sun- opium, mon bed during the day ride in the 750 hit the getto dont be a tury, why the 25th whats good that weekend
^That's just the weekend we picked. Didn't want to get caught up in that Labor day holiday traffic. I'll probably slide thru Bed on Friday night, Willies, Hit Opium or Prive and the Shore Club/Sky bar action on Saturday.

Nikki Beach is cool, The Forge is usually the "Pre-Party" then everyone goes to Prive. Prive on Sunday night is good too, it hasnt been the same since the Sunday of July 24th though, but Prive is a "face" club, there's no line you usually gotta have reservations to get in and dependin how packed VIP is, you might not even get ur table...But if you get in VIP holla at the BMF dudes, them cats have a good time....

Skrippa Spots??

- Black Gold - Its on Biscayne blvd. somewhere

- Cheetah's - Its on 79th st. its in Little Haiti so watch ur self

Last but not least Club Rolexx - Its on 27th ave. its pricey, but they got good lookin chicks

Any restaurant on Ocean dr. is pretty good, but it is expensive, anyway have fun!

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^Word, that's what's up. What should I fall thru 1st on saturday evening/night?

the weekend your going is the vegas trip, its the magic show and l-day weekend is the jumpoff
opium is crazy and if you manage to go at the casino in hollywood is a little far but the clubs go crazy saturday night and i think it wednesday's murphys law give out free shots all night long, and cloud 9 which is mainly a lesbian club has 3-5 dollar jagerbombs on tuesday or wednesday not sure and the occasional wet t-shirt contest

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im off to the hard rock tonight... its decent. Theres a lot to do there... many different clubs and bars so its easy to hop around. its not as stuck up as south beach, which is good. If youre planning to go anywhere on the beach... you better have 2 females for every dude. Thats all they want. Ugly chicks are even welcome, as long as nothing is dangling btwn their legs. This is what i hate about south beach.

i live in north miami and there are some good strip clubs up here also if u make it up, but its about 30 minutes north of south beach.... scarletts is dope, solid gold aint bad either.

have a good time
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