? About Publishng, Master, Royalties, etc.

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So lets say "All I Do Is Win" is played as a boxer's entrance, who gets paid and usually how much? If its a major televised event they Obviously have to pay. Whereas if it's an obscure event like an amateur boxing match that's not on TV, they probably won't have to pay anything right? That's almost like playing music at a birthday party.

What about if a song is played on the radio or a major night club? Who gets paid and what in these scenarios?
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whoever's name(s) is on the copyright gets paid... and yea some amateur **** prolly wouldnt counted... but clubs are supposed to pay like some monthly or quarterly **** that gets split and distributed evenly throughout labels or some **** but a lot dont... radio u get paid per spin... same people

those are all royalties... which is publishing...

most companies pay quarterly... best **** is movie/tv placement
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