Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter The Movie (Producer: Tim Burton)

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Steven Spielberg has been wanting to make his big Abraham Lincoln biopic epic for many years now, but other filmmakers aren't daunted by his Abe-related delays. Robert Redford wrapped up filming recently of The Conspirator, about the trial of John Wilkes Booth's female collaborator. And now, directors Tim Burton (Alice in Wonderland) and Timur Bekmambetov (WantedNight Watch) are reuniting as producers on their own Lincoln project, after also co-producing last year's 9 together. And boy, it's a doozie. Burton and Bekmambetov will co-produce an adaptation of Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter, the second "mash up" novel by Seth Grahame-Smith, the author of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. An adaptation of that novel is also in development, with Natalie Portman producing and attached to star as Elizabeth Bennet, and with David O. Russell (Three KingsI Heart Huckabees) in talks to direct. The premise of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is pretty much exactly what you would expect. After his mother dies at the fangs of a vampire, the young future 16th president dedicates himself to eradicating vampires from the United States, trusty axe in hand, as well as all that other important stuff that he really did do. And we don't even have to wait until filming starts to get an idea of what the trailer might look like, because the book itself already has a trailer.

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Not saying it wont be good, but all this vampire nonsense needs to stop, everything always has to be over done.
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Alot of people tell me the book was surprisingly very good.

Trailer doesn't even look that bad, gotta admit though, its kinda weird to get passed the fact that its a story revolving "Honest Abe" as a vampire killer
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The book was pretty good.

I finished it about 3 weeks ago, and it was a good read....
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Can they do this?  Can you just use a persons likeness and name for anything?  They had to get permission from the family or the government or somebody right?
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One word ...     Idiocracy

I can see it already... 20 years from now.... kids will think this +%%$ actually happened.

Freed who...  Civil what?       ...nah thats the just guy who killed Dracula.
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