.......ACE contact, please? G' fitted. ACE??

Apr 21, 2007
hey guys, really apologize to bother everyone again, but my inquiry is still out there.

does anyone have the following GOOD FOOT cap help.

looking for a 7 3/8 or a 1/2


i dont think the stores in canada have em in stock in my size anymore

the last i heard, one was reserved for me, but they never got back to me about it

it has been 2 weeks, but it is NO WAY, GDFT or any of their correspondents faults, im blaming no one, and not trying to get at anybody. they dont owe me anything, im just a regular customer and i respect that

actually its mine for sleeping on the cap

theyre NOT obliged to help me at all, and they are very busy, so no complaints here.

just wondering is there a direct contact to ACE? he was the last one i spoke with to the whereabouts of the cap in toronto (size 7 3/8, had a yellow post it note P.J. on it)

like an AIM screen name, or anything (wouldnt want his personal cell because thats def rude on my part, not that im being a pest right now, but calling him would be over the top)

so yeh, if i cant get it from ACE

is there anyone out there willing to sell me theirs?

im desparate for one as you can tell

again sorry
dude it's been a busy week trying open our new shop. haven't been able to get to the post office to get a quote for you. Ease up and i'll let you know this week.

Your hat is still on the side not going anywhere.
hundred fifty dollar tennis shoes no suits
hey man, dont mean to be a bother, but is there any update on the grey G' fitted size 7 3/8 (yellow post it: P.J.)?

sorry, you can get back to me when not busy (inbox or check email)

if you can, please get back to me

it has been 2 weeks, but i aint rushin you though...
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