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Dec 27, 2003
I tore my ACL two weeks ago. I'm dreading reconstruction.
anyone here who've experienced a tron ACL and had surgery?

It's so hard to Love when there's so much to Hate.
sorry to hear that man, I have a cousin and uncle who dealt with the same thing.. so far they are doin' fine, and both are playin ball again..

they say that after surgery and should come back stronger than before..who is doing your surgery? both my uncle and cousin got Dr Canlas to do their operation

hope this helps!

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My dad tore his ACL playing basketball in 1991 i think. I know he was wearing VI's but anyway, he didnt get an operation. In 2000, we were running in a field then he jumped over a hurdle and landed on his bad leg then he couldnt walk so he had to get an operation. His doctor was Eufemio. Next week, he's getting another operation because his knee is slowly getting damaged again.

My friend tore her ACL and MCL last May in a badminton tournament.

Both of them go to Moro for rehab
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go to
regist and then u can check some articles about ur injury
this is the website for medical staff to do the research.
the procedure of the operation depends on ur doc
he may try something fancy or maybe he is only a rookie
ask abt the doc b4 u go to him is the key
if you ever go for surgery, make sure you undego proper rehab....i think that is the key in getting back in proper form...

and pick an md who has done it before and has good results....

good luck..
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sorry to hear that.......
i assume you're still young, meaning late teens or early 20's - doing surgery now will be in your favor plus the recovery process will be a lot easier at a young age. chances are you will undergo at least 6 months of rehab. follow whatever treatment protocol given to you. also go to a reputable MD.
another tip, try to work out your injured leg before surgery - do some knee extesion and ham curls with weights, some stationary bike done within bearable pain range (if ever it hurts)- if you're leg is conditioned before surgery, this will help a lot in the recovery process.
good luck homie....
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pare, I actually went back to manila from la because i tore my acl last feb. I got Dr. Canlas. got the hamstring graft. went to ateneo for rehab. mga 8 hours a day, 5 days a week yan. got to meet a lot of good people who helped me out because we all went through the same thing. sa totoo lang, the hardest part will be the first month. i was crying everyday sa sakit. pm me nalang for more info. kelangan lang lakasan ang loob. pag kelangan gawin, kelangan gawin. me choice ka naman e. ingat nalang.

tama sila, you have to prep your knee. sir na yan, kaya wala nang masisira pa. pero ako nun takot na takot. ice lang muna tapos heel slides para full range. kakayanin mo yan, pare.
Damn sorry to hear that.

Game over like your screen name says.

Get back to a speedy recovery mang.

I want to get Canlas but he's not covered by my insurance. I'm choosing between Quintos and Bengzon, both are experienced ortho-surgeons from Medical City. I'm leaning towards Bengzon because I know some of his patients personally. It helps that from what I know he's Atenean. hehe.

Anyhow, I'm getting my MRI results tonight or tomorrow. Will get back with an update.

It's so hard to Love when there's so much to Hate.
Sorry to hear that Gameover... My cousin had an ACL tear din and sa UST sya na operate and nag therapy...

Any way to prevent this ba? or Ballers are really prone to this injury talaga?
Any way to prevent this ba? or Ballers are really prone to this injury talaga?

Best prevention i guess is the strengthening of the knee muscles. But that doesn't guarantee that you're safe from tearing or damaging your ligaments.

People who are active in the more strenuous sports will always be prone.

Those who are sedentary are safe :tongue:


It's so hard to Love when there's so much to Hate.
^Most effective way of preventing injuries are adequate warm up and proper stretching of muscles and joints before and after physical actvity, not being sedentary.. being sedentary weakens your body and you are prone to injuries even in very light physical activites or "Lampa" , sorry to say that but thats the truth

Torn ACL results from sudden change of movements, in order to prevent it you should streghten your lower extremities, do cardio workouts, proper stretching and do watever sport you are into religiously, so that your body wont be shocked on the said activity and it will develop muscle memory.

hope this helps, trust me I tore my left ACL a few years back and look at my handle thats why I know what I'm saying
I remember watching a show on discovery channel about the ACL...

from what i remember....well i dont remember anything except that it tears from sudden movement changes like what ballerdoc said... i think women are more prone to this hehe

i think the acl looks actually like a small piece of bacon haha
Think of all the possibilities.
dude... ive never heard of those doctors you mentioned... not in the field of ACL anyways... nevermind the insurance: GO TO CANLAS... even National Players from Indonesia and Malaysia travel here for Canlas.

ive known people who have Dr. ________ do their ACL surgery and BOTH had to redo the surgery because they couldn't recover well enough. And of course... work hard at your rehab... everyday is okay... pero dunno about the 8 hours 5 days a week thing... i did mine 4 days a week for half a day and i finished rehab in 7 months (hamstring graft)
take it from the expert man...i don't have nothing to say about it cause i dont know anything about it..all i can say for now is good luck and hope you recover soon..
Dr. Canlas is the autority when it comes to ACL tears and other sports related injuries, I suggest that you dont settle for anything less. or else you will regret it in the future when the time comes that your surgery has to be redone, I'm not suppose to endorse any doctor because it quite unethical but in your case is an excemption, he is the best and the best for rehab is Dr. tyrone Reyes of Cardinal Santos Medical, hope this helps
Torn ACL results from sudden change of movements

Not all the time. Got mine from a knee-to-knee collision. Dude hit me from the side of my knee.

It's so hard to Love when there's so much to Hate.
sorry to hear that about your acl. hope everything goes well in the operation.

yeah i've seen people get hit in the knee from behind and also tore their acl
love is taking the air less travelled.
by the way, for rehab i only recommend two places:


dont go sa mga hospitals... facilities nila dun is more for old people lang and the like. for sports rehab go to the aforementioned 2 above.
Not all the time. Got mine from a knee-to-knee collision. Dude hit me from the side of my knee.

Didnt your knee suddenly change direction when it collided with the other knee, I bet it did due to the impact
got my MRI results this morning. acute partial tear. a huge sigh of relief as i don't need to undergo reconstruction. just need to have rehab to strengthen my thighs further.

thanks for all the insights.

It's so hard to Love when there's so much to Hate.
That's definitely good news that it's not a full tear.

Good luck with rehab.
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