adicolor in houston?

Sep 9, 2005
where can i get some adicolor stuff in houston? i'm not talkin about the superstars with changeable stripes, or the NY ones, but like the tron stan smiths/jacket, kermits, stuff like that. i haven't seen em anywhere.
memorial city mall journey's i think. it's been bout a month, but they had tron, ms piggy, and the yellow smiley face. they had more and said they could get the kermits. i was tempted to go at the kermits, but the piggys' look kinda cheesy, so i figured it would be the same for the kermits. :D
good lookin...will pass thru there next week!
Looking for anything in Sz. 12!

they just got da clothes thou.. i had a chat wit da dude wit dreads yesterday
Looking for anything in Sz. 12!

that's fine i'm not lookin to spend 90 bucks on a jacket, but it's really nice. my cousin got one in hong kong a couple weeks ago and i've been fiendin for the kicks ever since.
sweeet. thanks. how much were the trons?

$ were the piggys, he said the kermits were the same.

trons are pretty cool too. just not quite my cup of tea, i still can't get past no laces.
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