Adidas Authentic NBA Jersey help ?

Joined Jul 3, 2008
I am wanting to get a Derrick Rose authentic off of ebay for only $100 bucks it looks legit! I have never owned a authentic jersey. My questions is are they like football authentics and run small or do they run big or true to size? Any info would be helpful?
Joined Oct 23, 2000
I've been getting authentic bball jerseys for years now and I recently got the newest Iverson Sixers Adidas authentic in a 48 or XL, the same size which many of my other brand authentics are, and its a little too big for me. I'd recommend getting an Adidas authentic one size smaller than the normal size shirt or jersey you would wear. Hope that helps

billy hoyle

Joined Feb 1, 2010
pm me with the auction, i can tell you if its legit or not. I havent seen a legit Rose on ebay in a long time. $100 is a good deal but not if its fake.

also authentics run a little bigger.
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