Air Force Custom Finisher

Joined Jan 12, 2018
Hey guys, I'm planning on customizing my Air Force 1 with some markers, but I'm afraid that it won't stay for too long. Do you have any kind of matte finisher to recommend for this certain case, so my custom design will hold?


formerly selfmadeapparel
Joined Jan 31, 2008
Why markers? go to your local art store and AT LEAST get airbrush paint which is practically the same as leather paint. CREATEX/IWATA are the airbrush brands, you do not need a finisher if you use the correct paints on the certain parts of the shoe i.e upper vs midsole
Joined Aug 2, 2019
Just go to angelus and pick up the correct paint for the application. Prep the area first by removing factory protective coating so pain will adhere to the material. Alot of Light coats and light heat from heat gun or hair dryer to dry and set each coat . After 7 or 8 coats apply a light acrylic finisher either from angelus or krylon matte finisher.
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