Air Jordan 1 "Fragment" LC please! TIA!

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hows it going niketalk fam! i just picked this up  from ebay, seller is located in italy and i was told that he purchased it from nike lab Milan. i need everybody's opinion on these , im a lil skeptical. need some reassurance . there are somethings that are lil off to me. any feedback are greatly appreciated! and will def rep in return!. 

also, i informed the seller about this situation and he is willing to give me a full refund. if the shoes are really legit, should I ask for partial refund due to flaws that was never mentioned? if so , how much would be a reasonable refund? TIA!

is this normal ?? fragment logo on the heel is not even. and the one right are more embossed than the one on the left.

factory flaw i assume? dent on the inner heel of the right shoe.
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The right pair stitching above the swoosh has me up in the air but the rest of the shoe is pretty spot on so I don't think they are fake or GM. The person stitching them was probably lazy, overall shoe looks good and has all the signs of the remaster leather. I would say these are legit.
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