Air Jordan 1 Rookie Of The Year (ROTY) Legit Check Help

Nov 29, 2022
Hi guys,

Bare with me as I’m a new user on this forum. I just recently bought a new pair of ROTY from GOAT and need some clarification if I am being to picky. I know out of the box they won’t be perfect but just need confirmation that this isn’t too far from what should be delivered as new. Based on my check, they seem to appear legit for the most part.

In a nutshell, stitching is a little frayed on some ends. Glue mark on the shoe. Didn’t come with shoe trees. One of the wings for the shoe lace isn’t punched out. On the box it doesn’t come with ‘Suggested Retail’ tab. Permanent markings on the back on the tongue tag.

Again, I know some of these things are unavoidable from factory but wanted to know if I am being overly anal considering the resell on these new and that I’m not missing something.

All and any advice is highly appreciated.


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I hear what you're saying because even if you got these for retail you still don't want to see factory defects to this degree. A lot of the defects you've documented won't be seen or noticed by others. Although you know they are there most wouldn't catch it by looking or seeing these on feet. I wouldn't love it either and it's just something I've decided to deal with because it's a common occurrence with Nike/Jordan brand. I've received shoes before where they had defects that I wasn't ok with to the point that I either sold them or returned them if a return was possible. Of course dealing with factory defects is a lot harder to overlook if you paid resell.

Regarding the box label not having the perforated MSRP tab there's a reason for that. It's because these are what look to be an overseas pair. Overseas pairs don't ever have the MSRP price tab on the box label and also don't or won't have the size stickers we are used to seeing on the insoles. Overseas pairs will have the insole sticker that these have and it should always be on the left insole.
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