Air Jordan 23 Stealth

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  1. never wear them

    never wear them

    May 8, 2006
    884ACF96-971B-4DC0-A690-F963EE25DEB0.jpeg 803400AE-A389-48C3-84B5-EFCD8EB1334D.jpeg FB141A58-416C-44B5-8B1B-10876EED521E.jpeg 18878D42-73E9-4C79-B6A0-6207A2351E25.jpeg 76DB4F63-6F06-4C8A-9B9E-8E7EBA41FE4E.jpeg Worn 1x. Sz 10.5 in almost perfect condition. No flaws, scuffs, or any marks.
    Comes with original box and cd.

    $130 (message me for shipping).
    Literally over hundreds, maybe thousands of sales.
    More shoes at my Instagram @neverwearthem

    Located in Los Angels.