Air Jordan 6 retro “Carmine” - Nike Air - February 13, 2021


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Right on!

Looking forward to adding a pair of wearable Carmine's in "21"
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This is an ideal retro since it's an original colorway for an iconic series especially with the Nike Air branding.

I still have the CDP Carmine VI that I never wore like an idiot. They already turned yellow when I tried to finally wear them in late 2013!
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Hopefully this means white infrareds this year! Probably not tho... guessing more like 2023. I'll cop some na carmines but the whole time I'll be wishing they were infrareds lol only halfway kidding
Shoot i always forget about sports blues! Would rather have those before carmines. How long y'all think it'll be before those come back?
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I still have my pair from 2014 but these are timeless. I might cop just because. Regardless, I absolutely love these and I am always happy to see them come back
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I JUST finished mine and uploaded this video.

Awesome video. Would love to have some of those without question. But the shrink wrap thing while I get it holds everything together, the shoe, if still fully intact will be destroyed after the shrink wrap process. It drys them out. And makes the crumbling advanced. Even faster than simply keeping them in box. I do not understand why anyone shrink wraps todays retros when the same will happen to those shoes prematurally. No facts here, just a true belief. There is this misconception that it keeps them DS release day fresh. Point is, the shrink wrapping of a shoe just ages it twice as fast.
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I'm definitely in for 2 pairs!!! This shoe and colorway have a history with me! Back in 1991, my mom took me to the mall near where we live in the burbs of Philly. Modells uses to sell all the good stuff. This was the start of 9th grade and I needed sneakers.

Walked to the back of the store to the shoe wall and what was there? Carmine 6s and also black/infrared 6s on sale (the carmines just came out recently where the playoffs were out for months, hence discount). 6s are my favorite of all Jordan models!!! I wanted the carmines so bad, because he was wearing them for the start of the '92 season but also mainly because of one picture I still never got out of my head...

The Gatorade "Be Like Mike" ad! Even though this commercial didn't air until 1992, and he was already wearing these for the start of the '91-'92 season, this picture made them look so good!! And remember, back then, there was no internet, no social media, no magazines designated solely to sneakers (SLAM didn't come out for years and years). So you only saw them when he played (and maybe a shot in SI or another sports magazine from game photos). But when they aired this commercial, you got such a clear shot of his shoes, and I went crazy and wished I had gotten them.

I would get the black/infrared pair as I was going to use them for basketball indoor at school, and figured the white & red would get dirty faster. So I passed on the Carmine and I regretted it for years. I eventually tracked down a pair of CDP Carmines back in 2009 off eBay in almost new condition, (which I still have and wear) and even bought 2 pairs of the '14 retros, but sold both already on SX as they were just NOT comfortable.

This shoe, in it's original OG form, is VERY SPECIAL to me. So yes, thank you Mike/JB for finally giving us what we have all been wanting. Just 2 things with these! PLEASE PLEASE, don't screw up the shade of red (it's carmine, which is darker) not like the '14 pair!!! And PLEASE, PRETTY PLEASE, make the tongue OG height?!!! That was the main standout feature on these back then! I can't wait!!!
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