Air Jordan Collection

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Here are a few pics of my collection as of April 2, 2010; have been collecting jays for about a year and half now but have been into Jordans since I was a little kid just couldnt afford em! Most of the kicks I have are just shoes that I have always liked and been able to get my hands on and new releases that I do like, feel free to comment, ask questions and I will mos def be putting up pickups as I get em so check back from time to time! Thanks NT and stay fresh!!

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Solid collection man....

Just wondering, Why do most dudes unlace the shoe laces like so ???
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that dude fatttrock posted those pair in my collection thread too #@*?! nice collection btw
Joined Jul 28, 2008
What on earth is fatttrock doing???

Anyways, dope stuff... so many nice OG's and tons of heat

Awesome collection


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w that's a lot of heat for collecting  for about a year and half. you've been putting in some work. Fresh collection.
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Originally Posted by killacam92345

very nice collection
are those the '10 powder blues?
Um those are actually OG powders... I'll soon be getting the '10 powders to go right next to em hopefully!
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