Air Jordan Countdown '23' Packages in Canada?

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Just wondering;

- Are we getting all of the packages. If not, which ones?

- What price are they going to retail at?

- How limited are they?

Thanks for anyone with info and posts.
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10/13 pack is confirmed as far as I know at footlocker; going to be retailing at $ 399.99 cdn.
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^ What's the retail in the US?
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^^^ $310 US i believe... with the strong Canadian dollar we should be getting the packs for like $350 CDN!!!
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yes we're getting them...dun ordered da 9-14 and 10-13 for Q1 2008
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i still don't believe its actually that much, thats straight up r@pe price
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If you think about it prices arn't that outrageous...Isn't MSRP $395.99 CAN?
So In reality we're paying just over $450 for 2 pairs of OG shoes that are some what limited.
If you look at the X/XIII Pack, X's retailed for like 200. XIII's retailed for 230. After taxes the total is just over $490.
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That is ridiculous... especially considering that, as of today, the Canadian dollar is actually stronger than the U.S. dollar.

If Canadian prices were truly based on the exchange rates, the packs should at least be the same price as the U.S. :smh:
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Dnt complain...there wont be any other retroe J's in 2008 except for the packs and some rare air releases....these arent comic books we wont be getting any American prices for nadda..........
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