Air Jordan IV Green Glow Legit Check

Joined Dec 21, 2012
Looking to buy a pair of Green Glows.  Saw this pair online, seller says he got them from Modell's, which I thought was odd because I did not know Modell's sold Air Jordans.  

Also, the pictures are blurry and he only has 11 feedback, so I am wary.  

Maybe you guys can help me out.

I do not know Air Jordan's at all, so any help would be appreciated.  
Joined Jun 11, 2014
The pictures are awful and are hard to tell if they are authentic. If you are skeptical pass on them and find them somewhere else they are all over the place for sale.
Joined Mar 8, 2014
Try to get pics if the box qc stamp. I'm not a 4 expert but these look good IMO. How much is he asking?
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