Air Jordan V Sizing

Aug 1, 2006
Sorry for the noob question....but do you think it's ok if I go a half size up for the V's? Ima natural 9.5-10...but do you think a US 10.5 can fit well for me? Thanks

Looking For: DS AJ4 Mars 9.5-10
DS AJ5 Fire Red 9.5-10
VNDS AJ3 DTRT 9.5-10
AJ20 Stealths 9.5-10
im a size 11 but when i got my two pairs of fire red V's i got one in a size 11.5 and the other in a size 12. i don't like to get the actual size because they are always alittle bit snug around the toe box area.
true to size for me and im usually a 9.5-10, a 10.5 might be big for you.
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Thanks for your responses. More feedback will be appreciated.

Looking For:
DS AJ3 DTRT or CG 9.5-10
DS AJ20 Stealths 9.5-10
DS AJ 13 any color 9.5-10
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