Air Jordans at %*$+'s Sporting Goods (Baileys Cross Roads)

Jul 5, 2006
for those of yall that didnt know. there are a large amount of jordan brand shoes and aparrel there. no limited ones, but there are the dub zero's, trueflights, 2k9s, fusions, CP3s, melo's, and other jordans.
Jordans other than the sig line are garbage! Just my opinion though.

Thanks for the heads up nonetheless.
i totally agree with you on that. we have received some heat in the past.

here is what i purchased in the past from the store at bailey's cross roads:
1. aqua 8s
2. playoffs 8s
3. pure 3s
4. fire red 3s.
5. BMPs (old love new love 1s package)

i'll try to keep niketalk updated with what we get. the newest ones are the black/yellow/white dubz
damn i dont even think the one out here has a jordan account anymore

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