Air Max 1 Rendering in Pastel

Aug 11, 2005
I did this today in my drawing class. It's done with pastel's on canson paper. Let me know what ya'll think.


The Inspiration ...
yea thats a dope copy
"Mississippi D-Banna And lil Weezyanna. Eurybody got tools so you will need a hamma.
Im a pill poppin animal, syrup sipping *****. Im so high, you couldn`t reach me wit a ****in antenna.
Ya ****in wit dis man, You can be dis man dinna. The 9 give me brains but da AK add leva.
Da rapper is insane, flowing like a mad riva, make yo *** quiva like you nikit at winta.
Hollygrove honcho, hard time giva. Im a shark in the wata, you just long john silva!!" - LiL Wezzy F. Baby
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