Joined Aug 22, 2013
Alright so...they don't suck.

In fact, they're pretty dope. Forefoot foam is great; nice and springy, and the air bubble is stable and comfy. Materials are cheap, but the layers make the design look good.

There's just one glaring problem. Some joker decided to put a bunch of seams and excess material right at the toe on the inside of the shoe. So right around the synthetic leather toe cap (let's call them the "fangs"), there are pea-sized balls of thread/mesh/felt/glue that you can feel with the tops of your toes. My right shoe isn't as bad as my left. I think I'm going to try a different pair, but it was bad engineering to put that in a sensitive area.

Fit is TTS. They really are comfortable.
Joined Aug 22, 2013
Nike 2-dayed me another pair and there's no defect. Smooth seams at the toe.

If these were $100 they'd be flying. Full-length cushlon and a nice air bubble.
Joined Feb 21, 2018
Hope we get some sort of premium material version or different material overall on this model
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