Air Max 95, are these the AIR MAX or the air max ...

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Hi NT,

I got a little question, I would like to know if these are the air max with the true to original larger air units, or the one produced after 2005 with thosetiny and smaller air units. Thanks in advance for your help, and moderators do not hesitate to erase/move this thread if I'am not asking at the rightplace.

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don't do it, but the air bubbles seem to be what you'd want.

the way I check is by looking to see if the seem is on the bubble: if it's seamless it's a new bubble, if it has a seam it's the older style.
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Thanks for all the replies, I'am starting collecting air maxs so I don't know a lot about this serie, the seller seems really legit, no neg for aboutsixty sells, here is some pictures of the '95 he already sold and some additional pictures of the suspected fakes he's selling, could you please giveme your opinion about authenticity on these. Thanks Modzilla for the tip, I did not know this one it's very usefull.

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Those "could" be fakes but if they are they went to great lengths to go with an obscure colourway...

IIRC those are the "Jetstream" AM95 colourway that dropped maybe 3-4 years ago along at the same time as the Mowabb influenced colourway dropped...IMO those are REAL

BUT just to make sure get the style code off the box & a corresponding pic of the shoe tag to be safe.

Good pickup; those are somewhat rare. The other AM95s he has up are real.

Good luck.
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Some people so quick to pull that Fake card. Do your research first. THEY ARE LEGIT. The air bubble is larger on these, they are from 03. All thoseadditional 95s are authentic as well.
Recycled pic.
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Thanks everybody for your help, NT is definitely the best source for Nike informations, mods you can lock this thread, at your convenience, thanks again.
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Pretty sure that pair in the original picture is fake. The air bubbles at the front of the show look too short and the 3M material doesn't look right/lookslike the material on known fakes.
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