AIr max 97 kashima antlers

Joined Oct 13, 2009
Hey whats up everybody, I'm a little knew hereand not sure if this is the right place to post, If not please redirectme, thanks. Anyways i was wondering would the kashima antlers look nicewith red laces? If not wat laces would they look nice with besides theblack ones. ALSO DO YOU THINK THE KASHIMA ANTLERS IS A NICE SHOE?

Heres a few pics:

kashima antlers

more pics

Joined Aug 23, 2006
terrible sneaker... uncomfortable as well... if they're a 10.5 i'll buy them for 100 bucks just to save you the embarrassment
Joined Feb 3, 2003
I had these. Loved the cement print. But I have wide feet and 97's aren't really friendly.

Keep the black laces on em. Keeps em simple.
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