Air Pippen 2 Retro Review

Joined Apr 6, 2005
First off i think this shoe is a phenomenal value for 89.99 (too bad it cost so much to get it up to Canada)

Got them on Wednesday and logged about 9 hours of ball in them already.

Sizing: i wear a 10.5 and they were true to size for me.

Position: Pg. get to the basket a lot.

Colourway: White/red/black

Fit: The fit was good but not the best i've ever experieced. I thought that with all the eyeletst that my foot would be locked down but the forefoot was a little roomy ( and i have a wide foot) this didn't cause too much trouble on court as slipping was minimal, although i would prefer that it didn't happen at all. The forefoot room was less of a problem as time went on as the leather broke in a little. Took me a long time to get my foot properly in the shoe the first few times i put it on but i eventually figured it out.

Cushioning: very good. the zoom was firm but i could definitely feel that it was there (although i can feel the zoom in H2k4 and a lot of people say they cant.) impact protection was good and transition was good as well.

Ankle support: this is never really a big issue for me as i prefer to have my ankles a little more free than some. but as far as the pips went the ankle support was adequate.

Comfort: very comfortable. the inner boot was a true full length (unlike the lbj 3, full length inner boot my a.rse). i will be spending plenty of time chilling in these. however i did think that the boot could have provided more protection from the pressure of the laces across the front of the ankle.

I think this shoe is super and a bargain at 89.99. Forefoot and heal zoom and an inner boot in a signature shoe? That's a fair bit of tech for that amount of money. Some have said the shoe looks cheap and i just dont see it. You dont see a lot of full grain leather uppers anymore and this shoe was refreshing to me. Plus, pippen is my all time favourite player and this is the first shoe of his that i have owned (well i had the pip 4 but returned them to the store because of a split at the toe bumper and they didn't have my size left, so i got gp 2's) , so i have a sentimental value attached to it already. Sounds corny but Playing defense in some Pip shoes was just cool for some reason.

Fit: 8/10
Cush: 9/10
Comfort: 9/10

Combined with the value i think you get in this shoe i give it a:

Overall 9/10
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Joined Dec 21, 2002
thx,finally a review
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Joined Mar 19, 2006
how much did it cost to get shipped to Canada?? I wanted to get a pair with the F&F this weekend.

and good review
Joined Apr 6, 2005
any outdoor experience with these? how do they hold up? seems like they might be prone to take quite a beating outdoors.
Nascar,and Poker ARE NOT SPORTS!!!
Joined Sep 4, 2005
Great shoe... very quick. I did go down a half size- maybe that clears up some of the roomy toe problems people experience...
Joined Apr 6, 2005
i've never balled in 2k5's. I owned a pair for about a half a weeks but sent them back because of a defect.


Nascar,and Poker ARE NOT SPORTS!!!
Joined Feb 17, 2006
do u feel the heels are high in them? cos i have this feeling in some and1s, which i dont like at all.
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