Air Zoom Flight 2k3 white/varsity red review

Mar 25, 2005
i also have the white blue in size 9 and 9.5 and the black in 9 probably ebay em all. Good damn shoe. Sz 9 white/blue sold on ebay for 160 but awaiting payment, the red that you see sold on ebay for 150, i have the sz 9 black selling right now for 101 with 6 days left if anyone is interested, and i have a sz 9.5 of the white/blue for 160 shipped if anyone is interested and this is my last pair yet to be sold. Ebay name is ajordan4523 thank you.

Update:White/blue 2k3 is for sale since the buyer isn't responding to my email on ebay. I will leave the buyer negative on tuesday or wednesday. So what i have left for sale is the size 9 white/blue 2k3 and 9.5 white/blue 2k3 for sale at 160 shipped priority mail for each shoe. Again thank you niketalk.

Surprised this hasn't been locked yet.

Thought it was going to be a review or something at first. It is a damn good shoe, got my two pairs.
to bad nobodys got a size 11 :frown:
Taiverson my email is for the sz 9 give me your best deal. Thank you i'm posting the size 9 white/blue right now on ebay my ebay name is ajordan4523 if you want to take a look at the white blue ones. White blue ones sold awaiting payment so i still have the black but it's on auction right now taiverson.

Taiverson: the white/blue size 9 is available if you're still interested since the buyer on ebay didn't respond to my email i will leave him negative this tuesday or wednesday. I also have the same colorway size 9.5 as well if you know anyone who is interested for 160 shipped priority mail each shoe. Thank you taiverson.
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