AJ 11s DMP check

Joined Mar 25, 2013
fakes man wow no ywellow sole and stretched 23's
DMPs will not have yellowing like newer 11s and the 23s will be slightly stretched like OG 11s.

Now OP you need to post MANY DETAILED pics to be sure if they are legit..They have old and newer fakes of these shoes and some are pretty good..Get many pix of the shoes, box, paperwork etc. for an accurate LC.
Joined Jan 20, 2015
Yeah i just rememmbered that the dmp 11's dont yellow as concords do. They probably used a different glue or something....Its just not so many ppol do LC on DMP 11's... Man they cost alot!! i like how they keep the soles icynes iven if worn alot...only thing i dont like about them is the 23 is not as good as the newer 11's
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