AJ 9 Cleaning

Joined Dec 17, 2018
I would try some toothpaste that has whitening ingredient.
“Burnin desire, AJ 9s
Painted toe nails, legacys die
Drivin by the well, egyption queens, arabian shieks Are paid to knock off rich kings, for the joy some sing. Sneaker art forum filled with scarlet widows, Bigdom45 stabbed they husbands, sleepin on silk pillows. Niketalkers are like magic wands, castin spells
sendin negros to Hell Trappin they souls in realms”
Joined May 22, 2014
From what I’ve gathered Rit whitener might be your best bet. Check out YouTube videos about whitening or unyellowing Jordan 11 mesh.

maybe Bar Keepers Friend (BKF)
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