AJ V Archaeo Brown Sept 28, 2024

Dec 17, 2018
Enter the realms of Niketalk understanding
And do a good deed or you could bleed while members are scannin'
Three forums worthy of pure Hell, this topic will be 16 pages of red cells
Rain drops hits the pails
Path is dull and narrow, you're stalked by a shadow
Moderators pierce your skull with the arrow
So narrow, only one could enter the forum one at a time
Stuck in the center, read the signs
A thousand subjects to choose, you better hurry
Archaeo Brown Jordan 5s is getting hot as a pot of curry

“Archaeo Brown”
Color: Archaeo Brown/Fire Red-Black-Sail
Style Code: DD0587-200
Release Date: Fall 2024
Price: TBA
Anxious to get the king of maryland the king of maryland Baller_1000 Baller_1000 and mike mike thoughts?
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Or Black/Silver

I would welcome this, however I’m almost certain Nike will try to unnecessarily reimagine those as leather or something asinine. So to be clear, I would welcome a REGULAR NIKE AIR JORDAN 5 BLACK METALLIC release if not the black tongues. As far as this brown pair. . . It’s tentatively a no look pass for me.
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