AJ XIII size comparison

Mar 4, 2007
Just noticed something... I compared the bottom soles of the AJ XIII White/neutrual grey-uni blue size 9 to other size 9 AJs (i.e. AJ III, IV, and V) and found that the AJ XIII was a little bit shorter in length. While the AJ III, IV and V all had the same length. Has anyone noticed that the XIII shoes run a little smaller than other shoes of the same size? I verified the authenticity of my AJ XIII and the shoes checked out with Air-Jordans.com. Hologram and the toe leather all checked out as well. I couldn't find anything to indicate the shoes were fake, but just nocticed the size difference.

Has anyone else noticed this?
I compared my Cool Grey IV's with my retro Flint XIII's and yeah, the 13's do look a little bit shorter. However, it doesn't feel like it's shorter. The 4's probably just have more material.
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